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Rock Your Shine: After you’ve been cracked wide open

Aug 3, 2022

**TRIGGER WARNING** This episode covers sensitive subject matter and is not suitable for all listeners. If this topic could be a trigger for you, listen to this episode with a friend, a sibling, a loved one or a parent so you can talk about any emotions that come up for you. The contents of this episode are not intended to replace therapy and should not be taken as such. If you need immediate help, please call the crisis hotline listed below in our resources.


In this episode, we welcome Anne Moss Rogers back to the podcast to talk about grieving the loss of her son Charles’ suicide. Anne was previously a guest on the show and spoke about suicide from the perspective of her professional career.


Anne is an Emotionally Naked® motivational speaker who captures hearts and fills them with hope. She is the author of two books, the award-winning memoir, Diary of a Broken Mind and Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk with co-writer Kim O’Brien Ph.D., LICSW.


Despite her family’s best efforts, Anne Moss’s 20-year-old son Charles died by suicide on June 5, 2015, after many years of struggle with anxiety, depression, and ultimately addiction. Anne Moss started a blog,, that has reached millions and chronicled her family’s tragedy in a newspaper article that went viral.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:00] Who Anne’s son Charles was
  • [4:20] Charles’ struggle with drugs and depression 
  • [5:45] How Anne navigated her son’s struggles
  • [10:20] Fighting for her son’s health with medical professionals 
  • [19:55] Learning how to get information from her son in a kind and empathetic way
  • [22:15] Finding out her son had died
  • [26:20] Choosing to find the gift in Charles’ death, and grieving in her own way
  • [35:40] What Anne learned about grief through Charles’ death
  • [46:15] How Anne practices self love as a result of losing Charles
  • [49:30] Lyrics from Charles’ song


Anne Moss is a certified suicide prevention trainer, NAMI Virginia Board member, 2 End the Stigma (addiction) board member, and YWCA 2019 Pat Asch fellow. Her presentation themes focus on preventing suicide, reducing stigma and substance misuse, finding hope and life after loss, resilience, and coping strategies.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Grief Hotline: 


Connect with Anne Moss Rogers here:

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